Downtown Puyallup

a valley-town rich with cultural history, delightful antique stores and annual festivals and fairs

Where to stay, what to do, etc.
Ah Puyallup, one of those tricky little Pacific Northwest destinations with a name that is hard to pronounce for non-locals. In addition to a river running through and more car lots than you can shake a squeegee at, what does it have to offer ...  READ MORE

Adventuring with "Pacific Northwest Explorers"

One of the benefits of living in Puyallup (or any city in the PNW, for that matter) is the never-ending list of new locales, businesses and cultural points-of-interest to explore. Watch the video to tag along as the Pacific Northwest Explorers sub-club of the Lewis Community Spouses Club at Joint Base Lewis Mc-Chord explores the PWN. 

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WA State Fair starts Friday
by Dean Siemon/JBLM PAO

Whether you’re old school and still call it the Puyallup Fair or simply as The Fair, plan on having plenty of fun Sept. 1 to 24 at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup. Last year, more than 1.1 million people from across the state came to the annual fair and hope to continue a new tradition of opening Labor Day weekend ... ​​ READ MORE