Ocean shores

a true seaside getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life  

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Ocean Shores, once the playground of Hollywood stars, is a peaceful retreat to the Pacific Coast, located conveniently 90 minutes west of Interstate 5 and the South Puget Sound area. Here you’ll find long stretches of sandy beach, 26 miles of inland waterways for boating and paddling, eclectic shops and art, accomodations from hotels to campsites, and an easy going vibe ...  READ MORE

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"Guided Boat Tours"

​​Electric Boat Company changes the game for vacationers with its guided boat tours. Watch the video catch a glimpse of being your own captian as and exploring miles of calm, soothing canal waters. 
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Ocean Shores: The perfect Northwest beach getaway 
by Marguerite Cleveland​​

Washington beaches get a bad rap. Sure, they may not be year-round paradises of perfect, golden sand and water at a temperature that's actually tolerable, but they're unique in their own way. While you could always opt for a local, more centralized beach like Alki or Golden Gardens in Seattle, or Owens in Tacoma, isn't part of the beach experience supposed to be getting away from normal life? ​​ READ MORE

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